Alika (rikki_t_tavi) wrote,

Женщина в белом-2

Madrazo, Raimundo Y

Madrazo y Garreta Raimundo LADY WITH A MASK

Marie Taglioni in La Sylphide

MONET. Woman with a Parasol.

Henry J. Hudson, Neaera Reading a Letter From Catallus.

Paul Cesar Helleu. On the Sofa

Paul Cesar Helleu

Paul Cesar Helleu

William McGregor Paxton’s Tea Leaves.

Sir Joshua Reynolds

Joseph DeCamp, Sally, 1907.

SARGENT. Smoke of Ambergris

SHANNON. Jungle Tales 1895

Unknown artist.

Ван Гог


William Bouguereauю Portrait of Madame la Contesse de Cambaceres (1895)

Bouguereau.Прерванная работа.

TISSOT.The Fan. c1880

Zoe Mozert

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Tags: art, history_costume
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